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Why are we, Photographers?

Why Enter your Photos in a Photography Club?

Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I believe that participating in a photography club will provide me with numerous opportunities to hone my skills, meet like-minded individuals, and expand my creativity. Here are a few reasons why I believe many people would be interested in joining a photography club:

  • For Club Promotion to next star grading
  • Peer review of your current/recent work
  • Selection process for salon entries
  • Showcase your work to club members
  • To obtain club awards

Objectives to keep in mind during 2023

  • Avoid entering really old photos
  • Avoid entering 2 similar photos in the same event
  • Be aware of PSSA’s “THE IMAGE REPETITION” rule
  • Work on Versatility
  • Growing your skill set by attending workshops, courses, training and studying
  • And most importantly ….. Take many photos!
  • And lastly…. Enjoy!

What is “Image Repetition”

An image, which is sufficiently similar to another previously entered to an event by the same photographer, may be ruled ineligible as being effectively the same Image. Monochrome and Colour versions from one original are considered to be the same
image unless the artistic treatment is significantly different. Similarity may also arise where elements are repeated in different composite Images.

Dawid Mouton
NPC Club President

This Pixel Moment was presented by Dawid Mouton.

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