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March 2024 Club Results

On the 18th of March 2024 we had our March 2024 club event with Product Photography being the Set Subject. We would like to thank Natasha Bird from the Southern Suburbs Camera Club for facilitating the judging at this event.

In a landmark moment for our photography club, March 2024 marked a significant milestone as we pioneered the integration of the 15-point scoring system alongside the The Other Project (TOP) method in our NPC event. This innovative approach not only elevated the standard of our competition but also heralded a new era of precision and fairness in evaluating photographic excellence. Thank you to Hendrik Grobbelaar and Francois Venter for helping the club move forward with the implementation of this scoring system

Senior Evening Winner
Set Subject Winner
Kickstart life with Asics | Alta Oosthuizen
Junior Evening Winner
Portaiture Winner
Kierts regop | Adri du Plessis
Documentary Winner
Alaska Denali Glass Train Tree Reflection | Quinton Boshoff
Nature Winner
Veilig by my Ma | Gonnie Myburgh
Scapes Winner
Last Light at Blouberg | Francois Venter
Open Winner
Elephant tree | Hendrik Grobbelaar

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March 2024 Club Live Stream

The M<arch club event’s Set Subject is Product Photography. To watch the event that took place, click on the button below.